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What’s your style?

There are four simple themes; Classic, Designer, Contemporary. After you decide on your overall theme, start discovering the stunning individual styles created by our award winning designers to help you find your interior design style.


This is a style for those who appreciate timeless interior designs . With a strong balance of texture, colour and pattern, mixed with ageless furniture and antiques, these interior styles allow you to create a home that will stand the test of time.


Clean lines and simple colour palettes let the structural design become the feature of your house with these interior design styles. Architectural design meets modern finishes, gallery inspired artwork mix perfectly with fabric and dark timbers to create a cool sensory experience that doesn’t show a hint of sterile.


What’s hot? What’s now? The Designer theme delivers the elusive and unspoken flair of the talented and creative. The concepts, ideas and styles on show in our Designer styles are taken straight from the fashion and design catwalks and capitals of the world.