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Colour Solution for Best Homes

It is essential to consider the basic colour theory and in which way warm hues like reds, oranges and yellows can be used to play certain tricks. Warm colours have the ability to create a focus and thus pull a wall towards your vision. For example, painting a wall with an orange colour will make it seem closer as compared to a white wall. So choose a wall which can afford to be portrayed in such a way. If you apply this theory, painting a side wall with an accent colour can make the room feel to slender, but considering an end wall for painting can make the room feel more in length giving out a balanced feeling.

In a similar manner, harnessing this theory for the effect of cool hues like blues, greens and purples is also a great idea. Cool colours in contrast to the warm hues have the ability to push wall away from your vision. So painting a wall with these hues can make a short room feel longer and a space crunched room feel broader. So choose a side or an end wall for its application.

Define The Visual Temperature

You can outline the visual temperature of the natural light entering the area. Depending upon the directions of a room, the quality of light will vary. For example, a room located on the north or east side will have cooler natural light entering in compared to the warmer light entering in if your room is located on the south or west side. So if you have a room in the east or north direction, opt for a warm hued accent wall. Similarly, a room in the west or south will merge perfectly with cool colored accent wall. Considering the visual temperature in accordance to the natural light entering is a very important factor and should always be considered before painting a wall.

Balance The Colour Impact

With your present furniture and prearranged furnishings, it is very important to strike a balanced colour impact. For example, if you have a frame of floor to ceiling draperies or a wall covered with art work or large pieces of furniture, an accent wall with such a setup will obstruct its effect and the intended impact it should have in a room. Contrary to this, if you keep an accent wall full visible, it will bring out its impression making a room look beautiful and unique. So always make sure that an accent wall gets all the attention it needs to create something magnificent.